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ok, grammar time!!
She's referring to her two daughters, and their friends.

Was it a correct sentence or do it need to be changed?

@eishiya: AH, cool, thanks! We never really got to learn how apostrophes worked in school which is why I feel a little bit uncertain at times.

You're absolutely right! I'll try to change it before the weekend (but I'll probably forget it. It's an easy fix none the less!!)

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eishiya January 10th, 2019, 7:16 am
Re: grammar time
It should be "my daughters' friends", with a ' at the end of daughters'.

To be safe, I'd also change the "she" to "Lynda" since otherwise it can sound like she's talking about a daughter there, especially when reading one page at a time. Even with the context of the previous pages, it's still a little ambiguous.